Successful Blueface Leicester sheep sale

L7 Carnlea 2900gns
L7 Carnlea 2900gns

Once again Ballymena mart hosted the annual Blueface Leicester sheep sale, resulting in another successful event.

Southern Irish buyers were again out in force due to the export sale.

Shearling ram averages were slightly down, ram lambs up and due to the enthusiasm for the breed females were up 88gns.

Topping the day sale was the presale champion awarded by Craig Thornborrow, Dawyck to J Adams and Sons, Holmview, with their first prize ram lamb, a full brother to last year’s 7K by J1 Carryhouse selling to Lee Beacom, Lakeview.

J Adams and Sons were awarded top pen of the sale, with further sales at 3200gns for a L1 Firth son and two more at 2600gns, for another L1 son and J1 Carryhouse son.

Declan McKillop, Giant’s Causeway had also a sale to remember with second top price of the day receiving 5000gns for a son of Farden, Popeye selling to Jonathan Loughery, Limavady, Declan had further sales of 4000gns for another Popeye son and 3800gns for one by K1 Tievebuiale Farm.

L1 Fardens Popeye offspring were very popular on the day, with Steven Duncan, Hillvale selling one by Popeye late in the sale for 4000gns to Michelle Wright, Mullaghwee and Kieran McGrath.

The final 4000gns sale was received by Ian Montgomery, Misty Burn for his first prize ram lamb from Balmoral Show, another Popeye son, selling to Martyn Archer, Carryhouse 
and Neil Marsden, Highberries.

Ian Montgomery was also awarded champion female for a very smart ewe lamb again by Popeye selling at 2200gns to Paul Sammon, Tipperary.

Craig Thornborrow awarded Graham and Julie Loughery Temain, first prize in the shearling rams and reserve over all bred by J7 Hamildean, selling for 3200gns to Seamus McLaughlin, Garvagh. Robert Gault, Carnlea 2900gns for second prize shearling to Michael Hunter, Ardmore.


145 shearling rams average 796gns down 55gns

141 ram lambs average 998gns up 47gns; 41 females average 580 up 88gns