Suffolk farmers are faces of new Corn Flakes advert

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Farmers from the Suffolk village of Framsden have been selected to star in Kellogg’s latest TV advert to tell the nation when they eat their Corn Flakes.

Farm manager Glenn, his wife Jeannie and daughters Laura and Annie Buckingham from Helmingham Estate Farms, Framsden, were handpicked for one of eight slots in the cereal giant’s latest ad after proving they were among Corn Flakes biggest fans.

My dad would always be up early to tend to the farm, and wake us up having a bowl of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes.

Annie Buckingham

For the last 12 months Kellogg’s has been asking the nation how they eat their Corn Flakes, now they want to know when.

Whether it be in the mornings or with warm milk before bed, Kellogg’s contacted families up and down the country in the hunt for cereal super fans.

The family of four were whittled down from hundreds of applicants in an intensive interview process and screen test. But it was their nostalgic Corn Flakes tale that won them the gig.

Describing how her childhood was spent being woken early for a bowl of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, 28-year-old Annie, said: “My dad would always be up early to tend to the farm, and wake us up having a bowl of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes.

“We always had a huge family size box in the house growing up, now mum and dad live there on their own they have downsized, so it was really nostalgic opening a big box when we were filming.

“It was lovely to have the crew on the farm, it was a really fun shoot – quite bizarre having a film crew in your kitchen.”

In October, an 18 person film crew descended on the farm house kitchen to capture the Corn Flakes debate – ensuring they captured early riser Glenn in his tractor at 6am after eating his perfect bowl.

Annie, added: “We are really excited to see it on TV over Christmas as it will be a really great surprise to our friends and family – move over Queen’s speech, the Buckingham family are going to be on the television.”

The ad campaign features a cast of eight real families, friends and work colleagues –all genuine fans – talking about when they eat their ‘perfect bowl’ of Corn Flakes – and debuted on prime time on Christmas Eve.

The decision to launch the nine month campaign comes as a natural progression of the 2017 debate, when the cereal giant asked genuine fans; ‘what’s your perfect bowl?’

Last year’s campaign launched after a six year break in commercial advertising for the breakfast cereal – and even had Father Christmas telling the nation how he eats his Corn Flakes.

A spokesperson from Kellogg’s, said: “We have had great fun opening up the Corn Flakes debate and now we want to take it a step further, our cast remind people what they love about this iconic cereal and how it doesn’t just have to be enjoyed at breakfast.

“We have seen a change in how people are eating cereal but also in what they are having for breakfast. Therefore we wanted to capture how our customers are eating Kellogg’s Corn Flakes.”

To join the conversation #MyPerfectBowl and tell us when you eat your Corn Flakes.