Suffolks selling up to £1,071 at Ballymena

Suffolks were in high demand at the recent Ballymena sale organised by the Suffolk Sheep Society NI Branch and generously sponsored by Animax Veterinary Technology where commercial breeders packed the ringside looking to source Suffolk rams for the forthcoming tupping season.

Sale prices peaked at £1,071 when Cookstown breeder Robin McAdoo topped the sale with his outstanding Drimmie Legend bred ram which was knocked down to Nigel Walsh, Co Down.

Ballymena breeder, Alastair Barkley’s champion ram lamb also caught the eye of Mr Walsh when he went on to purchase the Forkins Fandago bred lamb for £788. The Reserve champion a Ballyncannon Taylor Made ram lamb from Lesley and Mervyn Liggett went on to sell to M McNeill, Cushendall for £525.

Demand for lambs continued when Ballymena breeder Patrick Donnelly’s Rhaeadr Rhonn bred lambs sold for £756 and £525 and Ballymena breeders Campbell and Jason Watson lambs sold to £735 and £578 respectively.

Shearlings were also in strong demand when Gary Beacom’s Solwaybank Major sired shearling took the red ribbons in the shearling class going on to sell to £788 to T A Rodgers, with T A Rodgers also purchasing another of Beacoms shearlings for £756.

Robin McAdoo stood first in the pairs with Alastair Barkley taking second.

Leading prices (gns)

Shearlings: G C Beacom, 750, 720, 520 E and J Gould 550 J Hegarty 500, 480, 400 G McAdoo 450

Ram lambs: R Mcadoo 1020, 680,560 A Barkley 750, 450, 420 P Donnelly 720, 500 R C and J C Watson 700, 550 A J and N A J Robinson 650 A Patton 620, 500 G McAdoo 620, 600 L and M Liggett 560, 500 M Butler 500


Shearling class: 1st Lot 10 G Beacom; 2nd Lot 1 A Gault; 3rd Lot 2 E Gould; 4th Lot 7 J Hegarty

Ram lamb class: 1st Lot 24 A Barkley; 2nd Lot 51 L and M Liggett; 3rd Lot 41 Robin McAdoo; 4th Lot 49 F Tweed

Pair of lambs: 1st Lot 43 and 44 R McAdoo; 2nd Lot 23 and 26 A Barkley

Champion: Lot 24 Alastair Barkley

Reserve: Lot 51 L and M Liggett.