Sun shines on the Castlewellan Show

Robert Boyle, Champion Longhorn, at the Castlewellan
Robert Boyle, Champion Longhorn, at the Castlewellan

A combination of record crowds and record temperatures will ensure that Castlewellan Show 2016 lives long in the memory for the many thousands of visitors who delighted in the sights and sounds of this year’s event.

Ulster Farmers’ Union president Barclay Bell summed it up nicely when he said that Castlewellan and the other agricultural shows held throughout the summer months play a critical role in communicating the link between farming and food security to members of the general public.

“And this role will take on even greater significance over the coming years,” he added.

“The farming and food industries must communicate a clear message to consumers. Farming in Northern Ireland has a great story to tell. But the industry must take the initiative and get on with the job in hand. No one else can do it for us.”