Super Topflock Energiser leads the way in supplementing the pregnant ewe

Hubbert Bowles, Rathfriland, very happy with his first lambs of 2015
Hubbert Bowles, Rathfriland, very happy with his first lambs of 2015

Well known for its distinctive yellow bucket and black lid, Super Topflock has led the way since bucket licks were first introduced in providing quality nutrition to the pregnant ewe.

“Our focus has always been on getting the formulation right for what the ewe needs at this critical time in late pregnancy,” explains Mark Crawford of Farmcare Products.

“That is why we are particularly excited about the recent improvements we have introduced under the new name of Super Topflock Energiser. By having access to the latest processing technologies and the finest ingredients, we have been able to add propylene glycol providing an instant source of energy.”

This is particularly applicable to high risk cases of twin lamb disease. When ewes are under high levels of stress their energy levels are quickly depleted and therefore a rapid energy source is required.

“We have effectively included an energy drench which is absorbed directly into the blood stream,” summarises Mark.

Nutrient requirements for ewes expecting twins treble in the final six weeks before lambing. Therefore top quality undegradable protein such as soya prairie are essential in the diet to produce plenty of quality colostrum and good milk flow after lambing. On top of this booster levels of major minerals, trace elements and vitamins are essential for general health and lamb vitality.


Results so far have been impressive with both the ewe performing well and lambs showing extra levels of vitality. Hubbert Bowles, a pedigree Suffolk breeder from Rathfriland, has been using Super Topflock for years and is very happy with the new formulation. With lambing just underway ewes are performing well. “Lambing is going as good as ever, though I must say the first crop of lambs have an extra spring in their step,” says Hubbert. “I always ensure the ewe gets what they need and hence quality is always a priority.”

Booster levels of Vitamin E Another improvement is the increase in levels of vitamin E. Mark explains: “We have seen over the last year vitamin E levels in grass reducing and hence we felt the need to give the product a boost by increasing levels to 1000iu”. In conjunction with Selenium and Iodine, vitamin E is very important for the immune system of both the ewe and developing lamb.

Super Topflock Energiser is available from all Farmcare Stockists. For more information contact Mark on 0773346310.