Sustained popularity of responsible country sports

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Countryside Alliance Ireland is an expert and informed rural campaigning organisation.

As our members and supporters know, we promote the countryside, country sports and the rural way of life.

One of our main interests is shooting sports and we are delighted that they have not only sustained but gained in popularity over the past few years.

Young people have been given more opportunities with amendments to the firearms legislation and we welcomed the Justice Act 2016 which incorporated changes and in particular, those changes which allowed young people to partake in responsible shooting sports under supervision.

Hunting and angling have also sustained participant numbers and indeed the 2017 Boxing Day meets in NI were attended and supported in abundance.

As our membership continues to grow, we are heartened at the responsible attitude of those who avail of the country sports insurance that CAI membership provides; which enables them to take part in their chosen activities with peace of mind.

The Countryside Alliance Ireland membership insurance package is a first rate product and membership benefits include:

- Personal Accident Insurance – cover for a range of benefits including accidental death at £15,000 (£7,500 if under 19 years of age) and permanent total disablement at £35,000

- Employers’ Liability – Limit of indemnity £10,000,000 (groups only)

- Public/Products Liability – Limit of indemnity £10,000,000

- Group Liability – Limit of indemnity £10,000,000

The current list of recognised activities as approved by the Countryside Alliance Ireland Board is as follows:-

Taking part legally including officiating, assisting or spectating in riding, horse drawn carriage driving, hunter trials, exercising hounds, lurcher work, whippet racing, terrier work, dog shows, hound trailing, hunting, team chasing, hunt following, shooting including sporting shooting, clay pigeon shooting, rifle shooting, target shooting, angling (including sea, coarse and game angling) deer stalking, falconry, ferreting, vermin control, voluntary unpaid duties at shows and events, field trials, conservation work, archery and coursing.

In addition to the membership insurance provision, CAI also campaign for all country sports throughout Ireland and liaise with all political parties and politicians in Stormont and the Dáil; offer assistance to members with firearms certificate applications or queries; send out regular eroute (email) updates, keep members up to date with the latest news and issues of interest; have a text messaging/alert system, keeping members up to date with vital information; offer discounted tickets to selected game and country fairs.

For more information – or contact the office on 028 9263 9911.