Swann calls for shelves survey

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Ulster Unionist Party leader, Robin Swann MLA, has urged consumers to check the origin of lamb products being stocked at local supermarkets and to highlight their findings with the businesses and local representatives.

The North Antrim MLA, said: “Lamb is a very popular Easter dish and fortunately our local farmers are responsible for some of the best produce in these islands. Local lamb is renowned not only for its taste, versatility and value for money, but also its for traceability. I am pleased that more and more consumers are becoming increasingly interested in the provenance of the food they are buying.

“It is hugely frustrating therefore that several local supermarkets still appear to be stocking large volumes of imported lamb, especially from New Zealand. This is completely unnecessary now, especially as local lambs are plentiful at this time of year.

“The supermarkets need to step up and ensure that they are giving people in Northern Ireland the full opportunity to purchase local produce. If supermarkets for once could take their eye off what may be only slightly more advantageous for their profit-lines, and instead consider what might be also help local farmers, I have no doubt they would be supported by their customers.”

He urged consumers to check closely the origin of the meat they are purchasing.