Swatragh Mart: Lambs selling to £92 and fat ewes to £114

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Sheep: Another strong show of almost 1,400 head was presented at Swatragh Livestock Mart on Saturday which was met with a steady trade for all types of stock.

An entry of 400 cull ewes saw very strong demand for well fleshed ewes, topping at £114 for texels, with many lots passing the £100 mark.

1,000 lambs were presented for sale topping at £92.00 for 28.5kg.

Sample prices:

Heavyweight Lambs: Kilrea producer; 28.5kg at £92.00 = 3.23p; Aghadowey producer; 26.5kg at £89.50 = 3.38p; Kilrea producer; 24.8kg at £87.20 = 3.52p; Ringsend producer; 27.3kg at £88.20 = 3.24p; Eglinton producer; 25.7kg at £85.50 = 3.33p; Macosquin producer; 24kg at £87.50 = 3.65p; Rasharkin producer; 25.5kg at £86.50 = 3.39p; Claudy producer; 24kg at £82.50 = 3.44p and Draperstown producer; 25kg at £80.50 = 3.22p.

Mid-weight lambs: Portglenone producer; 22.3kg at £84.00 = 3.77p; Garvagh producer; 23.8kg at £82.00 = 3.45p; Limavady producer; 23.3kg at £81.20 = 3.48p; Ballycastle producer; 23kg at £79.80 = 3.47p; Claudy producer; 23kg at £79.80 = 3.47p; Dungiven producer; 23.8kg at £78.50 = 3.31p; Dungiven producer; 22.6kg at £78.00 = 3.45p; Dungiven producer; 22.7kg at £77.00 = 3.44p; Portglenone producer; 21.8kg at £75.50 = 3.47p and Toomebridge producer; 21.6kg at £76.00 = 3.52p.

Light weight lambs: Bellaghy producer; 20.5kg at £70.00 = 3.41p; Garvagh producer; 19.5kg at £70.00 = 3.59p; Garvagh producer; 18.5kg at £70.00 = 3.78p and Dungiven producer; 17.2kg at £68.50 = 3.98p.

Fat ewe prices: Ballymena producer; 2 ewes at £114; Garvagh producer; 2 ewes at £107 and Claudy producer; 1 ewe at £106;

Approximate price ranges:

Texels - £90 - £114.

Suffolk - £75 - £100.

Mule/Crossbred - £60 - £85.

Cattle: A smaller seasonal show of quality cattle were presented at Swatragh Livestock Mart on Monday, which resulted in a steady trade for all types of stock on offer. Heifers sold to a top of 2.14ppk for a Limousin weighing 338kg.

Fat cows sold to £980 for a Limousin weighing 736kg.

Heifers: Swatragh producer; Limousin, 388kg at £830 = 2.14p; Kilrea producer; Limousin, 334kg at £645 =1.93p; Knockloughrim producer; Devon, 410kg at £800 = 1.95p; Limousin, 398kg at £760 = 1.91p; Charolais, 488kg at £870 = 1.78p and Carrickmore producer; Hereford, 458kg at £755 = 1.65p.

Cull cows: Desertmartin producer; Limousin, 616kg at £955 = 1.55p; Garvagh producer; Limousin, 736kg at £980 = 1.33p and Maghera producer; Blonde d’Aquitaine, 578kg at £660 = 1.14p and Limousin, 578kg at £800 = 1.38p.

Payment on the day.

Producer incentive: There will be a £100 Northern Counties Farmware Store voucher to be won every month at both the sheep and cattle marts.

Cattle sale - Every animal sold will guarantee one entry into the monthly draw.

Sheep sale - Every 10 sheep sold will guarantee one entry into the monthly draw.

July sponsor: McGuigan’s Garage, Swatragh

Please note: Swatragh now offer payment by electronic transfer, a fast, easy, safe and secure way to receive payment for stock.

Cattle sale every Monday at 11.30am.

Sheep sale every Saturday at 10.30am.