Swift trade for cattle at Lisahally

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Cattle sold to a swift trade on Wednesday with great demand in all sections.

Prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: R and F McKean, £1710/720kg, £1630/730kg, R Hancock £1415/750kg, £1260/700kg, £1120 J and M Flanagan, £1285/680kg, £1170/640kg, £1165/680kg, £1160/620kg, Kelly Farms, 650kg, £1260/600kg,£1090/600kg, Joseph Cunningham, £1200/670kg, Keith Cunningham, £1100/650kg, £990/560kg, Kelly Farms, £1100/580kg, Robert McCrea, £1090/570kg, Kelly Farms, £1050/6620kg, Terence Milligan, £1025/570kg,£880/550kg, Patrick and Monica Casey, £1015/580kg, £975/570kg, £925/530kg, Philip McDermott, £965/500kg, Terence Milligan, £960/560kg, £860/530kg, Philip McDermott, £920/470kg, £910/450kg, £885/430kg, £870/450kg, Robert McCrea, £870/580kg, £845/570kg, £830/580kg, Kelly Farms, £825/460kg.

HEIFERS: S Devine, £1150/560kg, Thomas Mullan, £1060/510kg, £1035/600kg, £955/490kg, £910/470kg, Robert McCrea, £1040/580kg, Philip Bryson, £1020/600kg, £965/570kg, £875/430kg, S Devine, £995/480kg, £910/470kg, £895/450kg, £675/380kg, Philip McDermott, £760/410kg, £655/370kg, £635/370kg, 630/390kg, £625/370kg, Moira McCarthy, £718/450kg, £665/460kg, Thomas Mullan, £560/280kg, William Curry, £525/210kg.

FAT COWS: Roberta McBeth, £1044.90/810kg, Ivan Donnell, £984.20/740kg, £900/720kg, Michael O’Hagan, £871/710kg, £775.20/680kg, Terence Milligan, £752.60/710kg, £731.40/690kg, Michael O’Hagan, £728/700kg, Andrew Peoples, £691.20/640kg, Terence Milligan, £648/600kg.

A firm trade on Tuesday as lambs sold to £88, store lambs £72.50 and fat ewes £80. More fat lambs needed to meet demand.

LAMBS: S Devine, £88/30kg, Ruth Hylands, £86.80/26kg, William McConway, £86.80/23kg, John McWilliams, £86.50/22kg, J P O’Doherty, £86/25kg, Robert Lowry, £86/24kg, James O’Connor, £85.80/26kg, Alastair Glenn, £85.50/24kg, Gerard Doherty, £85/21kg, Robert Lowry, £84.50/23kg, Eugene McCrosson, £84.50/22kg, S Devine, £84.20/22kg, Robert Quigley, £83/22kg, Daniel Morrison, £83/22kg, Alan Hogg, £80/21kg, Mervyn McKinley, £77.20/22kg, John Mark, £75/21kg, James O’Connor, £75/21kg.

STORE LAMBS: C Devine, £72.50/20kg, R Hancock, £72, £70,£63 , C Harpur, £70, £69, S Donald, £68, £66, P and A Millar, £64.50.

FAT EWES: Eugene McCrossan, £80, John McWilliams, £79, R Hancock, £72, S Devine, £69.50, Gerard Doherty, £68.50, Ruth Hylands, £62, Norman McFarland, £60.