Tales From The Fields: Quieter cross-channel demand in Belfast

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Cross channel buyers were more hesitant about purchasing stock this week in 1970 it was reported, although the 1,480 lots on offer met a firm trade averages had fallen.

An entry of 663 was recorded at Allam’s, where a drop of 5s-5d per cwt resulted in an overall average of £9-12s-9d per cwt.

Dundonald, Belfast buyer Mr Walter Ferguson, went to £11-1 per cwt for an 8 1/2 by Messrs M H Piekaar and Son, Florida Manor, Killinchy.

The same buyer paid £10-8 per cwt. The animal, also from the Killinchy farm was Charolais-bred.

A bid of £10-9 per cwt from Mr Herbert McCabe, Antrim, secured a Charolais heifer owned by Mr Patrick Hughes, Falls Road, Belfast.

The average at Colgan’s for the 347 cattle which came under the hammer fell from £9-18-10 per cwt to £9-11-1 per cwt.

A 7 1/4 cwt Aberdeen Angus bullock from Mr James Scott’ Lisdoonan, Saintfield farm was knocked down to a local butcher at the top price of £10-7 per cwt.

Mrs G M Stone, Manor Farm, Donaghadee, sold a heavyweight Hereford bullock to Mr Derek McCabe, Antrim, for £10-12 per cwt.

Heifers were completely absent from the entry at Robson’s, with the 470 bullocks graded levelling out ar £9-15 per cwt - a decrease of 8s per cwt.

A top price of £11 per cwt was paid by Mr E Flanagan, Londonderry, to secure a bullock the property of Co Down producers, Messrs J and J Thompson.

As a result of a slight reduction in numbers, the 1,463 sheep on offer at the two city sales met sharper demand, with the average at both centres rising by 1 1/4d per lb.

Lambs sold at Colgan’s to 3s-10d per lb and an average of 3s-5 3/4d per lb was recorded for the 419 lots graded.

The 1.044 sheep which came under the hammer at Allam’s levelled out at 3s-5 1/4d per lb. A top price for lambs of 3s-7 3/4d was paid.

Ruling prices for fat ewes and rams were as follows:

Colgan’s - Crossbred ewes to £8 each; Suffolk ewes to £7-15 each; Blackface ewes to £5-5 each; rams to £7-10 each.

Allam’s - Crossbred ewes to £6-015 each; Suffolk ewes to £7 each; Blackface ewes to £5-13 each; rams to £7 each.