Tama leads the way in baling productivity

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Tama, world leader in crop packaging and producers of marketing leading Netwrap TamaNet, has a long history in making bales and with a focus on innovation, technology and support to ensure the best value products, a high population of Irish farmers are using Tama’s products to produce their bales.

The use of more modern plastics for Netwrap manufacturing, in the form of longer length rolls, is now the mainstay of the round baling market for farmers across Ireland.

TamaNet 4500m is the longest Netwrap available and its sales prove that with new technology, enhanced performance, consistency and reliability, it performs ahead of its competitors.

New, higher specification Netwrap technologies have been one of Tama’s principal developments in recent years. Through continued and extensive research and development, Tama has created Netwrap with a reduction in raw material use, yet an increase in actual strength and a huge improvement in performance on the bale, holding the crop even more securely.

Ray Fletcher, Tama’s Regional Technical Manager in Ireland said: “Many farmers have been using the new technology Netwrap for two or three years already and the focus of the programme has been to ensure full compatibility with all makes and models of balers. Even though some farmers thought the new net may not be suitable for their traditional older balers, our extensive field work has shown that new generation Netwrap is perfectly adapted to suit these machines.

“Making high quality bales is no accident, it requires many things, not just good weather and good crops. The baler needs to be set up and operating correctly no matter which type of Netwrap is used. Tama’s extensive baling expertise, combined with comprehensive field studies conducted over the past three summer baling seasons, has revealed that some balers were not operating at their full potential. It is vital that Netwrap tension and braking systems are set up correctly to allow correct feeding and cutting of the net, making for trouble-free baling.”

With the focus on maximising baler potential, research and development has not only been confined to Netwrap. Tama has continued to innovate in their other main baling sector; twine for large square bales. In a business where time is money, delays and stoppages for twine changing are costly, therefore the aim has been to reduce operating issues and in return maximise output. This has resulted in the development of Tama big bale twine types which are longer and more consistently reliable.

The potential of the big balers is sizeable, with a maximum available space of 32 spools. Tama’s new Big Spool Type 72 at 9,600 feet has the capacity to increase bale production by 30% before the need for reloading, which is an amazing 300+ more bales per full baler spool load.

All Tama products are fully validated by all leading baler Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), assuring the user of the correct product for their baler, whether making round or square bales.