TGM introduces new wand EID reader

TGM Software has introduced a new EID wand reader.

The Agrident AWR300 has many outstanding features including 12 hours permanent read, large colour display, integrated database and bluetooth option.

George Megarry of TGM said: “This new reader offers exciting possibilities for farmers. As well as having superb reach for scanning batches of sheep, management information can also be recorded. For the first time we can give farmers the potential to link lambs to ewes and rams, record weights and medicine treatments and look up an animal’s history with a wand reader. Using this data informed decisions can be made to improve flock performance and efficiency.”

Connections to electronic weigh scales, phones and printers are possible using the built in bluetooth option and the reader is both light and robust making it ideal for many flocks. The internal database in the wand has the ability to show not only current information on the sheep, but details of past lamb crops.

George added: “While it functions like other EID wands for example reading in lists of tags and allocating to groups, the ability of the AWR300 to provide full management recording now, or in the future at no extra cost sets this wand apart from all other similarly priced wands on the market.”

For more information please contact TGM Software on 028 9268 9681 or email