The APV Tine Harrow is perfect for grass rejuvenation!

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APV offers customers innovative agricultural technology for seeding, spreading and cultivating.

The APV AS tine harrow has proven itself as a true all rounder in Ireland. With the possibility of 6mm, 7mm or 8mm tines alongside adjustable feeler wheels the AS 600 can be modified for any ground.

The primary operation of the AS 600 is to control unwanted weeds by pulling out and depositing weed germs above ground to wither and die. Approximately 90% of the weed germs are decimated with one pass.

Grass quality and yield can be maximised with the AS 600 M1. Highly efficient for the cultivation of grassland due to a higher working width of 6 metres, the AS 600 M1 is characterised by independent ground adaptation of each individual section array to the ground contours.

A larger bend angle of the tines provides an excellent harrow result while the 20mm longer wear tips ensure a longer service life. Operator comfort is put first with the easy central tine adjustment per section due to screwless connections and lower linkage catch tongue for easier coupling of the harrow.

Add the compatible APV pneumatic seeder with electric or hydraulic fan and you can efficiently complete two jobs in one.

If you would like more information about the APV Tine Harrow and its specific features please contact your local APV dealer.

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