The benefits of natural animal bedding

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For all dairy farmers animal, welfare is quite rightly to the fore and healthy cattle produce good yields and help manage costs.

At Miller Bedding, they have been listening to dairy farmer customers as they have asked increasingly about the benefits of Miller Bedding’s quality animal bedding and whether the use of lime is of additional benefit.

This question led to the firm commissioning a report from the Agri-Food & Biosciences Institute (ABFI) entitled: “Determination of the antibacterial properties of wood pellet fines and sawdust bedding with and without various lime treatments when inoculated with a selection of mastitis and environmental stress related organisms.”

Glen Miller commented: “This was a fascinating study and we were very curious to understand whether addition of lime was important to our sawdust and wood pellet fines. Working closely with ABFI they tested our products under strict conditions and we are pleased to report there is NO benefit in adding lime to our bedding as its natural pH is sufficient to reduce bacterial levels to practically zero for a period up to at least 72 hours. Indeed the report went further and even suggests the addition of lime may even counteract the organic anti-bacterial properties of the bedding.

“We therefore believe that our wood pellet fines and sawdust are best used as nature intended. Our bedding in its raw and natural state is a quality product that meets the requirements for you the dairy farmer and your cattle.

“Wood pellet fines are available in one tonne tote bags for easy storage and with constant supply available all year round this enables dairy farmers to manage stock levels in an affordable manner. Sawdust also remains a popular bedding choice and is available in 17 kg bags and 22kg bales.

“All our products are easy to use, cost effective and suitable for automated spreaders, scrapers and slurry systems and provide an economical bedding choice. With no MDF and meeting Red Tractor and Quality Farm Assurance compliance we know we have the right quality at the right prices.

“We will be exhibiting at Winter Fair in December and will be delighted to meet with dairy farmers and chat through the report’s findings in more details.

“We are also delighted to be able to continue to offer free delivery and why not also avail of our offer of a free beanie hat with every order.”

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