The benefits of XL Grain in cattle diets

Nicolas Omnes, Vitalac's XL Grain Representative for UK and Ireland
Nicolas Omnes, Vitalac's XL Grain Representative for UK and Ireland

Nicolas Omnes visited farms in Northern Ireland this week promoting XL Grain in diets for dairy and beef cattle.

Nicolas explained that from when the product was developed by Dr Philippe Arzul three years ago farm trials have shown milk yields increase of 1.5L and protein by one point when using 4.5KG treated in the TMR.

Beef cattle regularly average 2KG p/day and on one Northern Ireland farm bulls have exceeded 2.5KGs p/day. These Charolais bulls were feed on a simple diet which was made up of 6KG XL treated barley, 3KG yellow meal and straw total cost £1.80 p/day.

Calves from three months were feed 2.5Kgs XL treated barley, 0.5KG rape meal, straw and minerals. These Holstein calves averaged 1KG live weight gain p/day.

Using XL treated grain which is GMO free instead of soya reduced meal costs and the use of acid buff in bull beef diets with no feet problems and a shorter fatting period.

Cereals can be bruised and treated at harvest and after three weeks will have increased ph. to 9 and 5 points of protein staying fresh and useable for up to 12 months, also greatly reduces bird and vermin activity. XL treatment though developed in France is well suited to our harvest conditions in Ireland because of its ability to treat high moisture ripe grain.

Laurel Supplies are offering bruising and treating services if required on farm or sales of treated grain. Contact 07802288101.

Customers using XL Grain or any of Vitalac’s products can avail of free grain analysis and dietary advice specific to their farm.

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