The extra benefits for calf rearing

"A freshly born pair of twin calves on straw bedding in Co. Kilkenny."
"A freshly born pair of twin calves on straw bedding in Co. Kilkenny."

Eringold Calf Milk Replacers is the result of many years of research and development by Schils VanDrie on large calf rearing farms in Holland and Belgium.

Schils VanDrie group raise +1.2 Million calves annually on their farms so have extensive knowledge of calf rearing and producing high quality products which create excellent performance on farm to over 65 countries world wide.

The primary concern of every farmer is that the calves stay healthy and grow quickly over the first three months. It is with this in mind that the Eringold Brand was developed and has proven to play a major role on many farms throughout the UK and Ireland.

The Eringold Extra Milk replacer is a high performance milk replacer made from the highest ingredients of sweet whey milk proteins and vegetable fats, with the addition of Schils Protection Plus which is made up of Live yeast and Polyclonal Antibodies, which greatly help with the calfs immune system and gut health to ensure veterinary bills are kept to a minimum. Milk replacers are also all free flow tested to ensure they go through any automatic machine with no mixing issues.

With this combination of ingredients and additives, Eringold has created a highly digestible, highly palatable product which produces excellent results on farm. When feeding Eringold Extra at an accelerated rate of 150 grms per litre you could expect earlier weaning, higher concentrates intake, higher daily live weight gain and a younger calving down age.

Research shows that the more milk consumed by the young calf within the first 12 weeks of life will pay huge dividends later on as the mammary glands are developed in a young heifers life during this period. When a young heifer is fed milk replacer at an accelerated rate within this critical time, this will result in earlier weaning times, faster growth rates and will result in the heifer being able to calve down earlier which will ultimately result in her invariably producing more milk not just through her first lactation but through her lifetime. Beef farmers will also know the importance of growing strong healthy calves from birth, and with the distinctive composition of the powder in Eringold Extra means that stomach upset in calves are more rare thus feed intake is increased resulting in earlier weaning age, less calf losses and low veterinary costs.

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