The Hustler SL-350 - simple, safe and secure

The Hustler SL-350
The Hustler SL-350

The Hustler SL-350 is not the average bale feeder.

SL feeders have a reputation for being simple and reliable machines that tackle many of the common problems associated with conventional chain-driven bale feeders.

First, this is a three point linkage mounted single bale feeder suitable for all types of round bales, even those 5’ long.

The whole unit weighs just 460 kilogrms and feeds out both sides. What’s so simple is the self loading process. The feeding cradle is disconnected by the pull of a rope. Back the tractor up and pick up the bale then move it to the platform. Peel off the net wrap then position the bale on the platform. With a very low cradle and no crossbar the bale loading is quick and easy.

Next, you drive the forks into the feed unit, which is easily lined up, and it’s ready to feed out.

The SL-350 feeds round or square bales and the massive 12,000lb zinc-plated roller chains offer far higher strength than any other bale feeder chains. The similarly zinc-plated chain bars are also highly durable and the direct drive system uses the reliability of hydraulic power efficiently.

For safety and durability the rollers are enclosed and there’s a high back frame to hold the bale in place. Superior rigidity is ensured with a high hook position and the bale feeder features CAT1 and CAT 2 top and lower links. What could be simpler while being safe and secure?

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