The increasing importance of fat

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Public perception of fat has for a long time, been mixed at best.

The negative health implications that have historically been associated with fat saw products such as margarine and skimmed milk become popular in the day to day lives of the average household. But with these perceptions changing, the global price of butterfat has risen sharply, with many predicting a shortage in the near future.

Many milk contracts have been rewarding higher milk solids recently, and it looks like this trend is set to continue. It has certainly been noticed at Cogent breeding that the demands for genetics that improve fat and protein have become much more prominent with customers. As a result, sourcing bulls that offer these desirable genetics has been a priority.

Leading new release sire, NH Sunview Fantastic made his debut as one of the breed’s leading sires at £730 PLI in the August proof run and sales demand has been through the roof. “Fantastic offers just what our customers have been looking for,” comments Ashley Fleming, Regional Sales Manager for Cogent. “He is one of the stand out fat and protein improvers in the breed, whilst still offering many other important traits that will positively impact profit margins.”

In addition, Fantastic is also the breed leader for udder health with -37 SCC and -6 Mastitis resistance all with positive milking speed.

“Bulls like Fantastic don’t come along very often, so we were delighted to secure him for the Cogent programme,” explains Andrew Holliday, Genetic Product Manager at Cogent.

“Not only does he rank well for PLI, but his components are exceptional, his udder health traits are breed leading and he is also from a different pedigree to the majority of the other high ranking bulls.”

Breeding cows to suit your milk contract is nothing new, and is undoubtedly the key to increasing profit margins. Bulls like Fantastic will always take the limelight, but with bulls like Cooper, Shilling and Maximus also offering improved fat percentages, as well as over 70 other bulls in total, Cogent Breeding are extremely well placed to cater for the increased demand in bulls with higher components.