The new compact Merlo (TF 33.7-115)

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It has arrived! No not the weather nor the Balmoral show, but the eagerly awaited new compact model from Merlo, the Turbo Farmer 33.7 -115.

On a quick walk about the machine most people will immediately spot the significant similarities to its bigger sibling the TF 35.7-115 and it is for this reason that Aaron from McFarlands believes that this machine will basically hit the ground running as it is a smaller version of the very reliable and much loved TF35.7-115 which has had roaring success for McFarland’s since its first introduction in July 2015.

The new model is fitted with a tier 4 compliant 115 Hp Deutz engine with add blue to meet the ever tightening EU emissions regulations. A reverse fan helps to keep all in the engine bay at the desired temperature.

The machine is built in modular form, i.e. cab, engine, chassis and boom. Sub assemblies are all fully assembly prior to being joined as one main assembly, so when a dealer orders a machine to a certain specification on the day of the build of that machine, each section comes together to form the complete machine to every last detail of build.

For example, the cab module will maybe be specified as having an air seat, but no air conditioning a roof wiper but no LED lights, so when this cab meets the chassis and boom module the cab will have a boom suspension switch already fitted if the boom module has the suspension system fitted.

As with all modern factories computer programming plays a very vital role in how an assembly line operates, Merlo’s unique SAV number system can basically tell the year, month, week, day, lane used and the exact specification that the machine was equipped with.

As this new machine is based on its bigger siblings the transmission and running gear are all very similar. The machine has an available working hydraulic oil flow of 125 l/min with an oil capacity of 75 litres.

All hydraulic functions are operated via an auto reving poportional joystick, so the operator at the simple flick of a switch can actuate engine rev poportional to joystick movement, a very nice feature.

The fuel tank has a capacity of 80 litres. The maximum tyre size available on this machine is 405/70R24, its maximum lift capacity is 3.3 tonnes to a height of 6.7 metres.

The width of this machine is 2100 mm wide, 2020 mm high and 4245 mm long, this machine is 75mm overall wider than its predecessor the P32.6 which was first launched in January 2006 and was phased out at the end of 2016.

The smooth but responsive drive on these machines are very user friendly and becoming more popular in the thinking of most farmers. The simple answer to those who are sceptical of hydrostatic transmissions is “get in and drive it”.

The machine off course comes standard with cruise control for those long journeys or if you simply want to do a certain job at a constant speed.

For more information on Merlo telehanders and how they can benefit your farming enterprise contact T. McFarland on 02882841273, or call at their yard at 24 Cavan Road, Fintona, Co. Tyrone, BT78 2DS, opening hours 8am – 6pm Mon- Fri and 9am -3pm Saturday.