The new XLD plough body from Kongskilde

Kongskilde fully mounted plough with the new XLD plough body for wide furrows up to 55 cm and up to 35 cm ploughing depth. The XLD plough body matches big tractors with wide tyres.
Kongskilde fully mounted plough with the new XLD plough body for wide furrows up to 55 cm and up to 35 cm ploughing depth. The XLD plough body matches big tractors with wide tyres.

The NEW XLD plough body from Kongskilde represents a new generation of plough body designed for large-scale tractors without compromising low energy consumption, strong wear economy and the broken furrow bottom philosophy.

It leaves a wide furrow bottom, making it suitable for tractors with wide tyres up to 710 mm.

Wider or deeper


The XLD is designed for a ploughing depth from 15 to 35 cm and suits all soil types including rough and difficult conditions like heavy clay and very dry soil. The plough body turns the soil evenly and leaves a rough surface to ensure an easy seedbed preparation.

The XLD is designed for wide furrows, from 40 to 55 cm. An increase in average furrow width of 5 cm improves the productivity with 10 percent due to less vertical cuts per hectare – a topic of increasing significance.

Patented helical design

With the new, patented helical design of the XLD body, the soil is completely turned even in heavy clay soils to cover all crop residues. Furthermore, the design includes a lowered point in order to minimize the resistance and for an optimal flow across the mould board – important when it comes to effective weed control and to create the optimal seedbed and minimize spread of diseases.

Low draft, improved fuel economy

The new plough body comes with well-known features like broken furrow bottom and low energy consumption.

Tests show that the new XLD body has the similar good quality of low draft requirement like the XL body, which is famous for the lowest power demand on the market.

The XLD is optimised for a working speed of 8 km/h for high productivity. It comes with easy to change wearing parts, designed and heat-treated for long time use. The choice of reversible point also increases wear economy. The result is more uptime and low running costs.

50 percent longer life span

One of the secrets behind the durability of the XLD plough body is the 19-hour treatment of the steel for the mould boards.

The 900°C hot and glowing mould board of steel is bent into the right shape by special tools and then shock chilled to room temperature.

Iron and carbon form a very hard and durable crystallization, while the core with its low content of carbon retains its original qualities. Thanks to this process, the mould board has 50 percent longer life span.

Complete line for

farmers’ needs

All new Kongskilde ploughs can be equipped with the new XLD plough body, and it completes the line of different plough bodies for optimal ploughing under all conditions.

The Kongskilde line of ploughs includes conventional ploughs, front-mounted, fully mounted, semi-mounted as well as on-land reversible ploughs. The range covers models from 2 to 10 furrows.

- We have a strong belief that the XLD plough will set the standard, when it comes to both wide and deep ploughing and the lowest power demand in the market, says Morten Wittrock Brandt, Group Product Manager, Kongskilde Industries.

He continues: “We have great expectations regarding the sales of the new plough – especially in important markets like UK and Ireland

“The XLD plough body will be offered for the Kongskilde line of ploughs as well as the Överum line.

“The development of the XLD plough body started five years ago and during the last three years, it has been thoroughly tested in different soil types, and in a number of the big European markets.

“The XLD name highlights the strong link with the existing XL plough body from Kongskilde/Överum.

“It is a one size larger version compared to the current XL, which has been a success for decades and well known for the lowest power demand on the market.”

For further information contact main Northern Ireland dealer William Lindsay Agri Sales, Killyleagh, Co Down 02844 828164