The Omen story simply keeps on getting better and better

Omen daughters in the milking parlour.
Omen daughters in the milking parlour.

It’s hard not to be impressed by the tremendous impact which the elite Holstein sire Prehen Omen is now having on commercial dairy farms both here in Northern Ireland and other parts of the UK. He currently stands as the Number 1 UK bull in the PLI rankings.

Significantly, the potential which was initially identified by his genomic assessment is now being fulfilled courtesy of the tremendous performance notched up by his proven daughters.

“Omen is very much the complete bull,” confirmed Ai Services’ breeding specialist Ben Mallon.

“His daughters have tremendous udders. This means they should milk well over a long number of lactations,” he said.

“But that’s only part of the story. His proofs confirm an ability to boost fertility, calving ease, locomotion and a wide range of health traits.

“All of his daughters that I have inspected are extremely robust cows. Without exception, they demonstrate a tremendous willingness to milk well.

“An ability to retain good body condition is another trait which they all exhibit. And, no doubt, this reflects on their ability to go back in calf quickly.

“Many of his daughters are now commencing their third lactation before they are four years’ old.

“Omen will breed cows with excellent production capabilities, combined with a massive improvement in components. For example, Relough Omen Danna VG87 averaged over her first two lactations 9,665 kilos of milk at 4.6% butterfat and 3.58% protein in 305 days.

Mallon drew particular attention to the fact that Omen now has 145 recorded daughters in 33 herds throughout the UK.

“It is this breadth of information that has helped fully validate the initial claims made for the bull on the back of his genomic figures,” he said.

“There is tremendous scope to use the bull on every dairy herd in Northern Ireland.”

This news concerning Omen coincides with the fact that his first three daughters to have calved down for the third time within the Relough Holstein herd have been classified Excellent.

“All our Omen daughters are strong, fertile, agile and hardy cows,” said Relough’s Malcolm McLean.

“In addition, they have very correct udders while demonstrating the ability to produce large volumes of high quality milk.”

Omen straws are available in Northern Ireland from Ai Services.

The company’s sales and technical teams are available to advise on how to make best use of the sire from a herd breeding point of view.

For further information, contact Ai Services on (028) 9083 3123.