The Pottinger brand is much more than just a name

The very impressive A10 CF (cross conveying) mower.
The very impressive A10 CF (cross conveying) mower.

The Pottinger name has long been synonymous with top quality products.

The Austrian giant manufacturers both tillage and grass land equipment suitable for both the smallest farmer to the largest contractor.

Performance and reliability combined, Pottinger's Torro range

Performance and reliability combined, Pottinger's Torro range

A number of new innovations have been presented to the local market recently in the form of the Novacat 352 CF (cross flow) mower and the Impress round baler.

These products run along side the host of front and rear combination mowers, mounted and trailed mowers, tedders, rakes and wagons.

The cross flow mower employs a 3.46 metre cutter bar and mounted directly behind is the cross conveying auger.

The machine works in conjunction with a standard three metre front mounted mower and the hood can be opened manually for either mowing out the full width for extra drying or in the closed position for making a 22ft swath.

Perfect clean sweeping action from Pottinger

Perfect clean sweeping action from Pottinger

The 352 CF bed employs 8 discs and 16 knives to give a scissor clean cut and yet without damaging the ground due to the easily adjusted hydraulic suspension and relative light weight of 1460 kg. The hydraulic ram that moves the mower from rear transport position to field work position is also used as a hydraulic breakaway.

The mower combination leaves a very tidy formed swath for either using a trailed harvester or a silage wagon.

T. McFarland Agri. Machinery, based in Fintona, Co. Tyrone, was the first Irish dealer to sell one of these mowers and with a very difficult and wet year, proved a very useful asset as the one pass allowed for minimal tramping of the ground and without the use of a rake.

Two new 352 CF mowers have already been sold by McFarland’s this year and they are very confident that the machine is going to be a winner as weather patterns seem to be unpredictable.

This system is also available in the new model A10 CF which is basically a 352 CF doubled up (see picture). This system is a very well balanced unit with massive potential for swathing grass at high speed and efficiency. For those that require high speed tedding then Pottinger offers the HIT 12.14 T a 12 rotor 72 tine machine with a working width of 12.7 metres and a transport width of 2.9 metres and total gross weight of 2375 kg. This machine will scatter x5 10 ft swards thus making short work of a 20 acre field.

On the other end of the scale is the HIT 4.54 a four rotor machine that will scatter x2 10 ft swards. Raking technology offers a clean sweeping action from Pottinger’s oscillating rotor employing a multitask wheel directly in front and behind the tines. The spring tine geometry provides a lifting action thus ensuring a clean forage every time.

Wagon technology has also evolved over the years with many model improvements and enhancements ensuring ease of operation and maintenance. The current Combiline range of wagons introduced in 2014 continue to prove the popular choice for many farmers. McFarland’s have sold six new wagons this year so far, many of which are to farmers now on their fourth machine and that in itself says that Pottinger has got it right.

The Impress round baler just launched this year is generating a lot of interest for existing baler users due to its many unique features previously mentioned in an earlier report.

There are three Pottinger dealers covering Northern Ireland, Hunter Kane & Sons (Londonderry and Antrim), Henry Porter Tractors (Down and Armagh) and T. McFarland agri. Machinery (Tyrone and Fermanagh)

For more information on Pottinger equipment and also for the extensive range of used Pottinger wagons please contact T.McFarland, 24 Cavan road, Fintona,Co.Tyrone, BT78 2DS tel.02882841273

NB. All used wagons sold with a season’s warranty.