The supply of wild game: follow FSA advice

With the 2018 hunting season underway, the Food Standards Agency in Northern Ireland (FSA) is reminding those involved in the supply of wild game to check out its wild game guidance to ensure food is safe.

The Wild Game Guide offers information about the risks, restrictions and rules associated with wild game hunting for those with the intention of supplying wild game to consumers to eat. It also highlights the responsibility of retail and wholesale outlets such as butchers’ shops or restaurants when accepting wild game meat for consumption.

Billy Armstrong, senior policy advisor, said: “There are certain rules associated with the supply of wild game so this guide is a must read for anyone taking part in wild game hunting this year. Following our advice on procedures for hunting, transporting and storing wild game, along with our safe food handling and preparation guidance, will help those involved to comply with the rules and contribute to reducing the risk of foodborne illness.”

The Wild Game Guide can be found here: