The testimony of the inventor of the reaper

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Many farmers will be familiar with the International tractor, which generally today is called the Case International.

But there was a time when all their machinery was known as McCormick International.

Cyrus McCormick was an American inventor and businessman who founded the McCormick Harvesting Company, which in 1902 became part of the International Harvester Company.

McCormick became famous as the inventor of the mechanical reaper, building on over twenty years work on the project by his father. But Cyrus made several changes to his father’s design and then successfully demonstrated the reaper in 1831 and patented it in 1834.

It is important to emphasise that Cyrus McCormick was a Christian and he was saved as a young man of twenty five following four days of Gospel preaching in a little stone Church on his grandfather’s farm. As he went to bed on the last night of these meetings his father urged him not to reject Christ any further. Cyrus was troubled about his soul and immediately jumped from his bed and went to visit a respected Christian in the area, Billy McClung, to ask him, ‘by what means he might make his peace with his Maker?’ That very night Cyrus McCormick received Jesus Christ as his Saviour and from that day forward he did all he could to forward the cause of the Gospel.

McCormick was a close friend and great supporter of the famed Evangelist DL Moody. In 1859 he also gave $100,000 to help found a Theological College in Chicago; which for many years was called, ‘the McCormick Theological Seminary’. In addition he published a widely read Christian newspaper.

Have you made your peace with God? Are you saved by His grace and ready for eternity? If not, then let me urge you to settle that matter right now, by turning from your sins and accepting Jesus Christ as your Saviour. Follow Cyrus McCormick’s example and get right with God today and then for the rest of your life use your talents, wealth and influence in His service.

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