The world’s leading proven sires are now available at Cogent

The highest classified Supershot daughter in the world. (Longmoor DKR Illary P BG88)
The highest classified Supershot daughter in the world. (Longmoor DKR Illary P BG88)

As the industry moves towards using a higher percentage of genomic sires, with every passing year it is easy for AI companies to concentrate on adding genomic sires to their portfolios at the expense of proven product.

Proven sires are living proof that genomic indices work and offer added reliability. They are easier to use in the herds of dairy farmers that like to select fewer sires each year. Traditionally using proven sires has meant having to take a step down from the massive genetic potential offered by the breed leading genomic sires, such as the current number one PLI sire at £819 Mr Rubi-Agronaut now available from Cogent.

However, this is no longer the case as Cogent unveil a line up of elite proven sires. Joining the Global Superstar, Cogent SUPERSHOT is the sire of Agronaut, EDG Rubicon a Mogul son tracing back to the legendary Snow-N Denises Dellia. Rubicon offers just under £600 PLI and suits the UK market very well.

“Rubicon offers all that our Northern Irish customers have been asking for,” states Cogent’s Ashley Flemming.

“He has huge components with a fat percentage of +0.17% and a fertility index of +8.5 combined with a functional linear offering moderate stature, wide chests and great udders,” he concludes.

Finishing Cogent’s power trio is the internationally popular Mr Moviestar Mardi Gras. His progeny are already milking in the UK with 97% scoring GP or VG in their first lactations. Northern Ireland is no exception with three heifers scoring VG87 in the Ards, Relough, and Hilltara herd. A huge fertility improver at +10.8 Mardi Gras also offers extreme component improvement and over +2.50 UK Type merit.

Contact your local Cogent breeding advisor today and they will be happy to talk you through the proven power of the Cogent portfolio.