Thieves target vintage tractors and trailers

Editorial image.
Editorial image.

Police have warned that thieves are currently targetting vintage tractors and trailers.

Officers are urging vintage tractor enthusiasts to review their security following a number of thefts of vintage tractors recently.

Chief Inspector Roy Robinson said: “We know that these vehicles are valuable in their own right and we would ask owners to take a few simple measures to ensure their vehicles are secure. Make sure your vehicle is locked and stored away safely. Take a note of distinguishing features and photograph the tractor.”

Chief Inspector Robinson also warned that there have been a number of thefts of trailers lately and he is asking owners to ensure they take adequate crime prevention precautions.

He added: “Not only have we noted a number of thefts lately but more interesting we have seen a few instances where trailers have been loaded up with goods, such as tools and quads, and driven away. Don’t make it easy for criminals, keep your property securely locked away and ensure your trailer is marked so it can be identified easily.

“If you notice anything suspicious in your area, call police on the 101 number to alert them.”