Think tanker stability when spreading on slopes

Slurry-TEK low centre gravity tanker
Slurry-TEK low centre gravity tanker

Spreading slurry on steep slopes can be risky for farmers but OBE Waste & Agri Engineering Ltd’s Slurry-TEK low centre gravity tanker offers a unique and safe solution.

The innovative Slurry-TEK low centre gravity slurry tanker is designed to improve safety and reduce accidents while spreading on hilly ground.

This vacuum tanker features a unique design, exclusive to OBE, where the axle is placed through the tanker so that the centre of gravity is shifted lower than that of a stepped axle version. This makes the tanker much safer for spreading on slopes and significantly decreases the risk of overturning. OBE is the only company in the UK and Ireland which manufactures this unique tanker.

OBE also offers a downhill spreading kit which gives the farmer greater control in emptying the tank.

Farmers can drive the tanker in at the top of a field and spread evenly down the slope with the result that there will be less weight in the tanker when driving back up the hill and the wheels will not mark the ground as much. This allows for even and consistent spreading.

All Slurry-TEK low centre gravity tankers have a 6mm steel barrel, 24” galvanised rear access dome, four fill points (two active), internal bracing and baffles, front and rear sight glasses, galvanised mudguards, sprung drawbar and LED lights.

Slurry-TEK low centre gravity tankers are available in 1850, 2200, 2400, 2600 or 3000 gallon versions with a wide range of fill, pump and spread options.

For more information about the Slurry-TEK range, visit stand 402 at the FTMTA Farm Machinery Show 2017, Punchestown, log on to or phone 028 4062 5599.