Thirty trailers were stolen in Mid-Ulster last year

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Thirty trailers were stolen in the Cookstown and Magherafelt areas last year, according to the PSNI.

Police say the figure, averaging out at almost one a week, is “far too high.”

“We are always out and about, but it’s impossible to be everywhere at once,” said a spokesperson. “Securing trailers and farm equipment is a major factor in reducing such thefts.

“We regularly visit farms and dwellings with minimal security and see equipment sitting about unlocked or keys in the ignitions of tractors.

“It takes less than two minutes to arrive, hitch up a trailer and drive back out again.

“All trailers have locking mechanisms yet many owners rarely used them.

“As well as the huge inconvenience such thefts cause there is also the large financial hit to the owners.

“The advice probably sounds obvious but always lock trailers when not in use, where possible secure them inside sheds or if that’s not possible then block them in the yard with other vehicles. Secure the yards themselves with proper gates and of course lock the gates.”

The spokesperson said that anyone who would like more advice on what to do to secure their machinery, or their property in general, should get in touch with their local police.

Police can provide up-to-date information on methods of theft prevention, or can call out and inspect your property and other suggestions on how to make it more secure.