Three week trial turns into a permanent trial

Chris Woods
Chris Woods

I approached Wayne in Ballylurgan Hardware in Fivemiletown to trial out a new Rumen Enhancer technology in March 2018. I had read some articles and seen some adverts on Rumen Proof, writes Chris Woods, dairy farmer, Fintona, County Tyrone.

A quick google search on “LARS technology” and then on “Rumen Proof”, brought up the Mayo Healthcare website and Westway Health website. The Mayo Healthcare website gave me the information on the “Product” bit, and Westway Health was the “Science” bit. Wayne managed to get in contact with Mayo Healthcare and organised three weeks’ worth of product for me to trial.

In short, my initial reason for using the product was to get the dung firmed up and get the rumen working right in my cows. The milk yield and butterfat claims by different farmers were secondary hopeful thoughts at the time.

I have being using Rumen Proof for nine months now and these are some of the results I have got:

- On the vast majority of cows, the dung had firmed up within a week.

- Within three weeks, average milk yield had gone up well over 1 litre.

- Body condition score of my cows has improved dramatically.

- So far this year, the cow house is alive with cows coming back into heat, compared to previous years.

- Appetite/Intake went up after about two weeks.

- Laminitis went away after about two weeks, and White Line Disease is a rarity now.

- The cows have a really healthy shine on them and look fuller.

I have kept the past six years of milk records. I decided to go through Monthly and Daily Average Milk Yield, Butterfat and Protein. The results have being astonishing since starting Rumen Proof in March 2018.

The monthly average for all these months since April 2018, has beaten all previous average milk yield records. Although the Mayo Healthcare Sales Rep never mentioned it, or claimed it would happen, Butterfat and Protein, have topped my records too.

I would urge anyone that is interested in Rumen Proof to do their own research behind the science with LARS technology and Rumen Proof first, and then decide for themselves, if the cows in their herd need to get their rumen optimised.

If any farmer is interested, I can share my experience of the last six years milk records to show the results of having a healthy rumen from using Rumen Proof. Chris Woods: 07739261334