‘Time for the Health Minister to act’

Upper Bann Ulster Unionist Assembly Candidate Kyle Savage has spoken of his serious concerns regarding mental heath in the rural community.

Commenting, Mr Savage, pictured, said: “The situation in the rural community is getting worse by the day. The crisis within agriculture is not simply financial, but it is those financial concerns that are exacerbating the situation. Many farmers are struggling to make ends meet; that worry, stress, concern and other issues are leading to serious mental health issues across the rural community.

“Last week, the Ulster Unionist Party launched their Policy Paper on ‘Mental Health and Well Being’ calling for DHSSPS to deliver on the recommendations of the Bamford Review. My party believes in placing mental health at the heart of the public health agenda, delivering early intervention, help and support for those who need it most,” he added.

“Through my involvement with the Yellow Ribbon suicide prevention charity in Portadown I have seen at first hand the utter desperation of those seeking help, reassurance and support in their hour of need. It’s clear to me that more needs to be done – and fast.

“It’s high time the Health Minister put mental health at the top of his agenda before more lives are needlessly lost.”