Time to rejuvenate your swards this autumn

perennial ryegrass.JPG
perennial ryegrass.JPG

With the arrival of autumn, now is an ideal opportunity to reseed underperforming land such as old, permanent pastures. The return on investment in the spring of 2020 could be as high as 5:1, which is as little as €150 per acre.

A simple, cost-effective way to do this is to renovate the sward by using a tine harrow, which will give a light tilt to create red ground for the seed to germinate. Alternatively, it is recommended to use a stitching machine.

Agritech’s Tipperary Grass Seed 4A or Renovation Overseeding mixture are ideally suited to this purpose, enabling farmers to extend the life of an existing sward. The Tipperary Grass Seed range has built an excellent reputation with Irish farmers for characteristics such as high digestibility, yield and longevity. The mixtures are focused on increasing animal performance from grazed grass or conserved forage, and are further enhanced by the application of their unique biological seed stimulant, GroQuik®.

Every mixture in the Tipperary Grass Seed range is treated with GroQuik®, which has been proven to accelerate germination and especially root growth in both grasses and clover. The benefit of an enhanced and more developed root structure helps to ensure that the grass plant has access to more nutrients from the soil, thereby ensuring improved efficiency and extra herbage yield. It is proven to be especially beneficial under stressful conditions, such as cold, wet soil when seeds are slow to develop. In dry soil, GroQuik® gives the young seedling the extra boost to enable rapid growth.

For further advice on autumn reseeding or to choose a suitable grass mixture from the Tipperary Grass Seed range, contact your local Agritech distributor or visit www.agritech.ie.