Time to take stock of your finances?

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Are you worried about the financial future of your farm business?

Are you stressed because of financial pressures?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions then Rural Support may be able to help you!

Following the spell of good weather, it is safe to say that Spring has finally arrived and what better excuse do you need to review your finances and start looking at the year ahead? And with the new financial year just underway what better time to arrange for a farm finance review with a highly experienced mentor.

A review of any business is important and the new financial year is a good time to do this. It is important to review the efficiency of your business and a farm finance review can help do this by identifying any potential issues in the business and options as to what you can do to try to fix them.

It also gives you an idea of your true financial situation and any issues that need attention. It can help you plan and manage your finances, help you identify what you do well and allows you to build on this.

As many farm families know the welfare of the family depends directly on the fortunes of the farm. It can be hard not to feel under pressure, not only is the farm your livelihood it’s also your home.

When stressed it is hard to think straight, it’s hard to be neutral and objective about the situation. It often helps to get an independent, objective view of how to address the situation and seeking help such as this is a difficult but positive step.

Rural Support can provide up to three sessions of free, confidential, face to face support from a Finance Mentor to analyse your current financial/farm business position and help identify a way forward.

This may include considering changes to the farm business or developing a financial or debt management plan. Rural Support will support you to take action to address financial problems and will ease the burden of dealing with financial stress alone.

If you are interested in availing of the financial mentoring currently being provided by Rural Support then all it requires is an initial call to the helpline - 0845 606 7 607.