Top black and white line-up on offer

BB DG Shilling
BB DG Shilling

Cogent Breeding offer the most comprehensive, and best value selection of bulls available across all dairy breeds.

The Cogent black and white line-up is the strongest and most diverse range they have ever had. The broad-spectrum selection criteria have ensured the programme has made available a dynamic portfolio of bulls which should have something to offer all milk producers.

Cogent’s Northern Ireland manager Ashley Fleming commented: “Should it be milk yield improvement, milk components, the health traits, genomic or proven, Cogent’s stud of bulls should have multiple combinations to meet most dairy farmers’ breeding requirements.”

This week Cogent features a few of its most popular value-for-money bulls.


Elliot is one of the elite sires that enjoys global demand. With over 1,000kgs of milk, level components at 75.1kgs, good health traits, and improvement for SCC, lifespan, and fertility, makes him a top-class bull. Add that to a very balanced linear, and it’s not hard to see why he is such a stand-out character. Rumps will be wide and sloping, udders will be exceptional, and legs and feet are expected to be close to ideal, with excellent locomotion.


Maximus is another bull with over 1000kgs of milk improvement. He offers 73kgs of combined fat and protein, with good milk quality percentages. “To have this level of production and still have positive fertility, with really good health and fitness traits is an rare combination,” said Ashley. These will be medium sized cows which are dairy and open, with an ideal slope to the rump. The udders will be well attached with particularly wide rear attachments and good teat placements.


This Black Beauty of a bull has generated a lot of interest this season. “There is still big demand for a black bull,” Cogent manager Ashley Fleming explains. “He is not just black, he ticks a lot of essential boxes as well.” Star is a high PLI bull with good fat and protein, and fantastic fertility scores. All of this is combined with great cell count improvement. These slightly stronger dairy cows will carry condition and have fantastic wide rear udders.


This modern Friesian type bull has one of the widest rump scores there is, with the highest daughter condition score. This means for anyone wanting that wide-rumped Friesian type cow that carries condition, has good milk fat and protein improvement, and exceptional udders, then Shilling is the bull to use. With these excellent credentials, you can expect good, strong calves.