Top price of £92 paid for spring lambs at Armoy Mart

Armoy Mart
Armoy Mart

A much sharper trade that was expected for spring lambs was had last Wednesday night with a top price of £92.00 and a lot of lambs making £90.00.

Fat ewes sold to £102.



Anne Dowds, Dunloy, 30kgs, £92.00. R and T Christie, Cloughmills, 24kgs, £91.50. Robert Wylie, Clough, 25kgs, £90.00. Trevor Hanna, Ballymoney, 26kgs, £91.00. A Dowds, Dunloy, 26kgs, £91.50. John McFerran, Dunloy, 26kgs, £90.00. J and J Ferguson, Bushmills, 24kgs, £91.00. R Wilson, 25kgs, £92.00. P Dougan, Ballymoney, 24kgs, £90.50. B and A Dowey, 23kgs, £87.50. J McFerran, Dunloy, 23kgs, £88.00. J Robinson, Dunloy, 23kgs, £87.50. B Mullan, Ballymoney, 21½kgs, £87.00. John McAlister, Cushendall, 21kgs, £85.00.


P J Dougan, Coleraine, Suffolk, £102.00. D McKinley, Armoy, crossbreds £91.00. J and J Ferguson, Bushmills, Suffolk, £90.00. John O’Kane, Suffolk, £89.00. Andrew McGarry, Ballycastle, crossbreds £92.00. Richard Todd, Ballycastle, crossbreds £88.00. A Bartlett, Ballymoney, crossbreds £86.00. Joe Linton, Garvagh, Texels, £83.50.

Breeding ewes sold to £168.00.

Sale every Wednesday night at 7.00pm.

Auctioneers: Daniel McAlister and Son.