Top Scottish breeder to judge Beltex classes

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Judging the Beltex classes at this year’s Balmoral Show is Graham Burke from Scotland.

Graham, of Cairndrum Farm Cottage, Edzell, Brechin, is really looking forward to the task and the breeders can be sure of an excellent well respected judge placing the prize winners.

As past Chairman of the Beltex Sheep Society and a top Beltex breeder, Graham has all the attributes for the job.

He will be looking for sheep with traditional breed qualities, showing real character and spark along with a correct mouth and legs.

Graham’s choice for his overall winner will in his words “need to be the complete Beltex” and would be a sheep he would use in his own highly acclaimed Beltex flock.

Having been awarded red tickets at the Royal Highland and also had the honour of judging the show as well as the Royal Show, Royal Welsh and Royal Cornwall, Graham has all the right credentials and certainly knows what he will be looking for!

“Beltex sheep have had a massive impact on sheep production in the UK and Ireland over the last 20 years and the Beltex classes at all the shows that I have judged have been very impressive,” said Graham.

His enthusiasm for the breed stems from years of selling and viewing the qualities of Beltex prime sheep and he now has his own procurement business, Pentland Livestock Limited, which also offers valuation and auctioneering services.