Trade holds firm at Lisahally

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There was another great sale in Lisahally on Wednesday.

All sold to a firm trade. Bullocks made up to £1450/800kg, heifers £1100/550kg

Bullocks: Robert Hamilton £1450/800kg, £1385/760kg, £1360/660kg, £1300/700kg, £1195/650kg, Ronald Mackey £1390/680kg,£1225/610kg, £1100/610kg, Daniel Wade £1285/640kg, £1385/720kg, £1225/560kg, £1200/580kg, £1100/540kg, £1100/520kg, Noel McDaid £1095/640kg, £985/570kg, £850/570kg, William Matthews £1095/650kg, £985/650kg, £965/620kg, £855/440kg, £855/520kg, Noel Curly £1035/530kg, £1030/520kg, Hugh O’Kane £1025/490kg, Norman Thompson £990/560kg, £950/550kg, £900/550kg, £900/520kg, £890/520kg, Raymond Deery £880/400kg, £780/430kg, H L & A Colhoun £835/420kg, £820/440kg, WR Hamilton £810/370kg, £765/360, £760/380kg, £740/320kg, Thomas Patton £740/370kg, £740/380, C Spence £980/480kg, £970/490kg, £960/480kg, £940/480kg

Heifers: Patrick McKendry £1100/550kg, £1070/540kg, £995/470kg, £995/530kg, £880/480kg, Samuel Thompson £1085/500kg, £995/510kg, £990/460kg, £975/470kg, £965/490kg, £940/460kg, £920/460kg, 3910/410kg, £890/410kg, Raymond Derry £915/440kg, £915/490kg, £895/440kg, £835/450kg, Noel Curly £805/440kg, H L & A Colhoun £690/360KG, S Loughlin £970/480kg, £960/470kg, £940/460kg