Trade remains strong for cattle at Pomeroy Mart

Pomeroy Mart
Pomeroy Mart

A smaller show of stock this week with trade remaining strong.

Prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: Paul McGarrity £1,070/500kg, £905/450kg, £900/380kg, £900/430kg, £845/380kg, £620/340kg, P Hughes £820/430kg and Shane McGlone £800/400kg.

HEIFERS: John Gillespie £950/500kg, £920/490kg, £905/500kg, £890/520kg, £870/490kg, Anne McKenna £860/510kg, Peter and Stephen McNally £845/410kg, £815/410kg, Shane McGlone £840/460kg, £800/390kg, £770/350kg, £770/340kg, Peter and Stephen McNally £780/370kg, £760/350kg, £755/410kg, £755/320kg, £700/370kg and Paul McGarrity £690/370kg, £680/360kg.