Trailer marking at Enniskillen Mart

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A police trailer marking event will be held at Enniskillen Mart on Thursday, October 25th. Everyone is encouraged to come along to have trailers and farming equipment marked as well as to receive crime prevention advice and guidance from officers.

Trailer marking is a tried and tested crime prevention measure. Criminals can be deterred by proactive crime prevention efforts such as trailer marking and items are easier to recover when marked. This is a free service and all trailers and horseboxes can be given a security marking which makes it less attractive to thieves and helps police quickly establish the legitimate owner of the vehicle.

Trailer marking involves painting a unique ID mark on trailers and other farm equipment in an easily visible area using specialist paint and stencils. The trailer owner’s details and ID mark are recorded and held on a PSNI database which can then be checked if a trailer is seen in a location at a time that’s unusual. By stamping your details on your trailer it makes it easier for the police to track down and return your stolen property and makes it harder for the thieves to try and explain why the trailer they are towing belongs to them.