Transitional Payment to Disadvantaged Area (TPDA) Scheme 2015

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Next week DARD will issue letters to over 7,500 farmers advising them of the Transitional Payment to Disadvantaged Area (TPDA) Scheme.

This one-off payment is designed to ease the transition, for farmers with land in the disadvantaged area, from the Less Favoured Areas Compensatory Allowance Scheme to the new Areas of Natural Constraints Scheme (ANC).

The Scheme is open to all those who have claimed and are eligible for a payment for Disadvantaged Area land under the LFACA 2015 scheme.

The Department has made this process as simple as is practical. The applicant will confirm that he/she wants to make a claim for TPDA based on LFACA 2015 determined land. There will be no requirement to enter land details on the claim form. This information will be extracted from LFACA payment records.The applicant will, however, have to provide details of other deminimus aid received in the previous three fiscal years, for example, Hardship or Fodder aid received in 2013. All deminimus aid needs to be recorded not only aid received from DARD. Applicants are advised to gather this information now in advance of receiving their letter and claim form.

Applications forms should be returned to Orchard House to the full address provided on the claim form, by 13 March 2015. DARD Direct Offices will also accept forms and transfer these to Orchard House on the applicant’s behalf.

DARD is scheduled to make TPDA payments in June 2015 at a flat rate of £14.40 per hectare.