Triple show delight for Beacom

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For the third year in succession Lakeview breeder Gary Beacom has clinched the Supreme Champion accolade at Balmoral.

Beacom’s impressive aged ewe out of Cairness Classic Fyvie clinched the top honours. This outstanding ewe has won the RUAS title for the third year which is a remarkable achievement for the renowned Northern Ireland Suffolk breeder.

The Fermanagh flock owner also took first place in the ram lamb class with his stylish ram, a son of Rhaeadr Rolex with Mark Priestley’s Castleisle Knockout taking second and Jason Watson’s Birness Murray third. Beacom also went on to win the group of three class by getting the verdict of judge Iain Barbour, Dumfriesshire just ahead of Limestone flock owner Mark Priestley.

Mark Priestley came out tops with his pair of lambs followed closely by Cavanagrove flock owner Philip Kennedy. Priestley shone in the ewe lamb category, his outstanding Knockout bred lamb edging out Philip Kennedy and Norman Robinson.

Barbour’s first major decision was to hand the first place rosette to Stephanie & William Tait after their sire Birness Murray triumphed in the aged ram class.

Stephanie & William Tait went on to claim yet another first in the shearling ram class with Ballynacannon Attitude, Norman Robinson of the Benrafton flock claiming second and Bannview flock owners Campbell & Jason Watson third.

The onlookers then got their first glimpse of the third time champion as the Fyvie bred female got the nod in the aged ewe category ahead of a Bailey’s Paddy Power ewe presented by Donrho flock owner Packie Donnelly and a Cairness Diamond Geezer ewe belonging to Norman Robinson.

In the shearling ewe class it was an eye catching Mountford Mustang sired ewe belonging to Coleraine breeder Denis Taylor of the Ballynacannon flock which claimed a coveted first with Stephen Sufferin second and Gary Beacom third.

In the final deliberations the Lakeview flock achieved their “triple delight” as their Aged ewe again claimed the RUAS Champion for the third year in a row, with their ram lamb also gaining the male champion accolade. Mark Priestley reserve male and Denis Taylor reserve female.

Suffolks were dominant in the Interbreed Group of three, with S&W Tait’s shearling ram, D Taylor’s shearling ewe and G Beacom’s ram lamb taking home the winning rosette.


Ram, two shear and upwards: 1st, S&W Tait; 2nd, S Sufferin; 3rd, P Lamont

Shearing Ram: 1st, S&W Tait; 2nd, N Robinson; 3rd, J&C Watson

Ewe, two shear and upwards: 1st, G Beacom; 2nd, P Donnelly; 3rd, N Robinson

Shearling Ewe: 1st, D Taylor; 2nd, S Sufferin; 3rd, G Beacom

Ram Lamb: 1st, G Beacom; 2nd, M Priestley; 3rd, J&C Watson

Ewe Lamb: 1st, M Priestley; 2nd, P Kennedy; 3rd, N Robinson

Group of Three: 1st, G Beacom, 2nd M Priestley, 3rd S&W Tait

Best pair of lambs: 1st, M Priestley; 2nd, P Kennedy

Male Champion - G Beacom; Reserve Male Champion, M Priestley

Female Champion - G Beacom; Reserve Female Champion, D Taylor

Supreme Champion - G Beacom; Reserve, D Taylor.