Two juveniles taken to hospital after falling from tractor

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Two juveniles have been treated in hospital after falling from a tractor at the weekend.

The PSNI in Cookstown said the incident took place in Coagh when the tractor was being driven by a third juvenile.

Paramedics and two ambulances were in attendance.

A police spokesman said in a Facebook post that both sustained injuries significant enough that they required transfer by ambulance to hospital.

It added: “The tractor should not have been on the road and should not have been carrying passengers. This could have been a whole lot worse.

“The driver has been dealt with for quite a range of offences with a file being forwarded to the PPS for prosecution.”

Cookstown PSNI have posted the following advice in relation to young people driving tractors:

From the age of 13 years, you must get a certificate of competence in tractor driving to operate agricultural vehicles on the farm.

Age 16

As a provisional Category F Licence holder, a 16 year old is not permitted to drive a tractor on a public road except when; Going to, taking or returning from a driving test; or Engaged in the course of agricultural operations on any road which is not a road where the maximum speed limit is 30mph or less. So you aren’t permitted to carry passengers or be within the 30mph limits.

As a full driving category F licence holder, a 16 year old may drive a tractor on the public road provided that; The unladen weight of the tractor does not exceed 2550kg The vehicle only pulls a trailer less than 2.45m wide with only two wheels or four close coupled. In addition, in both cases the vehicle must:

Be engaged in the course of agricultural, horticultural or forestry operations. Be constructed so that the whole of the vehicles weight is transmitted to the road surface by means of its wheels i.e. it is not tracked; Be registered as an ‘agricultural machine’ in either the limited use class or concessionary class;

Not be driven on a special road within the meaning of the Roads (Northern Ireland) Order 1993. An example of a special road is a motorway.

You are not permitted to pop down to the shops with or without your friends and you cannot use the tractor as some sort of glorified car.

Age 17

As a full category F licence holder, a 17 year old and over may drive any agricultural motor vehicle on a road when used in connection with agriculture, horticulture or forestry.

This isn’t a comprehensive guide, rather an outline of the core parts. If you get behind the wheel it is your responsibility to know if you are legal or not.