Tyrone Farming Society holds AGM

The annual general meeting of Tyrone Farming Society was held at the society’s show grounds in Omagh on Wednesday evening, January 9.

At the meeting Mrs Jennifer Hawkes was re-elected as chairwoman of the society with Mr Alan Kyle being re-elected as the vice chairman.

After the general business of the meeting the election of the officers for the society and the appointment of the various committees for 2013 was conducted by Mr Rodney Hamill of HamillMcIlwaine which resulted in the following elections and appointments.

President: His Grace the Duke of Abercorn KG

Vice-presidents: Mr D E Waterson, Mr W J Henderson, Mr. G. Broderick, Mr. B. Johnston, Mr. S..G. Wright, Mr. K. McGinn, Mr. D. Stewart, Mr. S. Hawkes. Mr. R.A. Pollock MBE, Mr. R. Orr, Mr. J. Chambers.

Chairwoman: Mrs. J.Hawkes

Vice-chairman: Mr. A. Kyle

Executive committee: Mr. G. Armstrong, Mr. C. Broderick, Mr. G. Broderick, Mr. N.A. Broderick, Mr. S. Brown, Mr. David Campbell, Mr. Desmond Campbell, Mr. J. Chambers, Mr. J. Crozier, Mr. R.Goligher, Mr. H. Hassard, Mr. A. Hawkes, Mrs. J. Hawkes, Mr. K. Hawkes,Mr. C. Harkin Mr. T. Harkin,Mr. B. Johnston, Mrs. F. Johnston, Mr. A. Kyle, Mr. G. Lee, Mr. J. Marshall, Mrs. V. McConnell, M/s A. McDermott, Mr. G. McFarland, Mr. K. McGinn, Mr. R. Orr, Mr. A. Pollock, Mr. R.A. Pollock, Mr. J. Robinson, Mr. D. Stewart, Mr. W. Tait, Mr. S. Wilson, Mr. W. Wilson, Mr. S.Wright.

The Tyrone County Committee YFC representatives M/s G. Wilson, Mr. Gr. Hawkes.

Honorary secretary: Mr. C. Broderick

Honorary treasurer: Mr. R.A. Pollock

Cattles committee: The chairwoman, vice-chairman, G. Broderick, S. Wright, H. Stewart, J. Allen, C. McIlwaine, A. Hawkes, B. Johnston, P. Stewart, S. Brown, G. Lyons, T. Henderson, W. Shortt, J. Moore, D. Stewart, A. Irwin, D. Beattie.

Sheep committee: Chairwoman, vice-chairman, H. Stewart, S. Shortt, T. Harkin, C. Harkin, R. Devine, K. Telford, W. Tait, J. Foster, A. Hamilton.

Equestrian committee: Chairwoman, vice-chairman, J. Chambers, D. Waterson, R. Hetherington, H. Hassard, F. Monteith, David Campbell. A. McDermott, C. McAlpine, K. Semple, Jill Robinson, S. McAleer.

Grounds committee: Chairwoman, vice-chairman, C. Broderick, D. Stewart, R.A. Pollock, K. McGinn, S. Wright, G. Broderick, B. Johnston, R.Goligher, K. Hawkes, S. Brown, J. Robinson, Desmond Campbell, G. Armstrong, J. Marshall, J. Chambers, R. Orr, T. Harkin.

Entertainments committee: Chairwoman, vice-chairman, C. Broderick, R.A. Pollock, D. Stewart, K. McGinn, S. Wright, W. Wilson, V. McConnell.

Finance Committee: Chairwoman, vice-chairman, R.A. Pollock, G. Broderick, K. McGinn, E. Cartwright, (executive secretary), Desmond Campbell, J. Chambers, H. Hassard.

Honorary veterinary surgeon for Omagh Show: Mr. R. Bradley, Omagh, The Partners Campsie Veterinary Centre, Omagh, Mr. D. Hamilton, Omagh, Mr. R.H.A. Smith, Newtownstewart, Mr. D. Stewart, Strule Veterinary Services Newtownstewart/Omagh, Mr. J. Callion, Spires Veterinary Practice, Omagh.

Bankers: First Trust Bank, Omagh, Ulster Bank, Omagh.

Accountants: HamillMcIlwaine, Omagh.

Solicitors: McConnell & Fyffe, Omagh.

Northern Ireland Shows Association representatives: R.A. Pollock, S. Wright, E. Cartwright.

Irish Shows Association representatives: S. Wright, E.Cartwright, J. Chambers.

Safety officers for Omagh Show: J. Crozier, K. Hawkes, NA Broderick, R. Orr, David Campbell (equestrian).

After the close of the meeting supper was served by staff from the Coach Inn, Omagh who had also sponsored it.