UFU ‘puzzled’ by hold in milk prices

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The Ulster Farmers’ Union has said it is ‘puzzled’ by local dairy processors and their decisions to hold the base milk price at a time when it should be increasing.

UFU deputy president, Victor Chestnutt says the UFU has received a number of calls from angry dairy farmers following the announcements.

He added: “There is no justification for keeping prices where they are when all market signals are pointing towards an increased return for dairy commodities over the last three months.”

The UFU MPI has recorded six consecutive increases since end of March 2018 and GB milk processors have all announced increases in base prices from 1st July onwards.

Mr Chestnutt says it often takes time for improving dairy markets prices to filter through to the farm gate but not sharing market gains with farmers is unfair.

“A fifth of the local milk supplied in Northern Ireland is produced in April and May. Farmers want to be treated fairly. With global and local market signals positive, farmers expect a milk cheque that reflects the strength of the market,” he added.