UFU to back the #Farm24 event

UFU president Ivor Ferguson
UFU president Ivor Ferguson

The Ulster Farmers’ Union is backing the Farmers Guardian 24 Hours in Farming, taking place from 5am on 8th August - 5am on 9th August.

Five UFU members, including UFU president Ivor Ferguson, are taking part in the online event and will use the power of social media to show the general public a day in the life of a farmer in Northern Ireland, highlighting the hard work and dedication that goes into producing quality produce.

UFU president, Ivor Ferguson said: “We continue to come up again misleading claims or just plain wrong information about our farming industry and the food we produce. 24 Hours in Farming puts farming in the spotlight and for all the right reasons. I would encourage farmers across Northern Ireland to get involved in this event to help promote the very best of our farming industry.”

The ultimate aim for the initiative is to encourage as many farmers as possible to take part on the day. Over 24 hours, they will share social media posts that will show consumers the vast extent of the effort and care which goes into producing the high-quality food they eat every day. Each post will include the hashtag, #Farm24. 24 Hours in Farming is a great opportunity for farmers to tell their story and showcase agriculture for what it truly is.

To get involved all you have to do is be able to post on any social media platform of your choice throughout the day, sharing what you are doing on the farm. This can be done by taking a simple picture or video (maximum of one minute and filmed landscape), and can range from doing basic jobs around the yard, feeding livestock, harvesting, hosting visits, welcoming consumers or even enjoying a break at teatime because it is important that farmers take time out to reenergise throughout the day. Remember to use the hashtag #Farm24 on every post.

For more information visit the Farmers Guardian’s website.