UFU welcomes opening of Canadian beef market – but more needed for export success

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The Ulster Farmers’ Union has said that the European Union’s beef trade agreement with Canada is a positive step, but warns that more must be done by the government in London to secure access to all export markets.

Commenting after the announcement UFU deputy president, Ivor Ferguson said: “At a time when beef producers are facing difficulties across Europe, this is certainly welcome news.”

The Canadian market has been closed to the EU since 1996. Its decision underlines that the EU safeguards put in place in response to BSE have helped build recognition that beef from Europe is amongst the safest in the world.

“While it is unlikely that we will see UK beef going to Canada in the short term, this decision gives us hope that the North American market can develop in the future,” said Mr Ferguson, adding that it also sends an important signal to others about re-opening their markets to EU beef.

“The UK market will undoubtedly remain our most valuable market, but as we have seen over the last couple of years volatility has made it difficult for producers to secure a stable income from our biggest market,” Mr Ferguson said, adding that the government must recognise the damage caused by volatility. “Part of the solution is speedier, red tape free, access to new export markets. We need to be able to react quickly to opportunities. At the minute we are not seeing enough action from DEFRA in London and it is crucial our local MPs hold them to account on this matter,” added Mr Ferguson.