UGS bursary winner gears up for Canada!

Kerrie Brown from Florencecourt
Kerrie Brown from Florencecourt

Kerrie Brown from Florencecourt, Co Fermanagh was the successful winner of the UGS bursary award in 2014.

The UGS caught up with her to find out what she has been doing recently:

What stage are you at in your studies Kerrie?

I’m finishing my second year at Greenmount Campus, CAFRE on the Agricultural Technology Degree course. I have exams after Easter and afterwards I hope to travel to Canada for my work placement on the dairy farm of William and Vicky Morrison who are from Northern Ireland and ex-UGS members. I will have a further placement period in local industry.

What is your farming background?

My family farm is mainly a suckler to beef farm with a 60 cow herd of Sim/Lim cross cows. We also finish store lambs and I’m establishing a flock of Texel/Charollais ewes.

Why did you decide to apply for the UGS bursary?

I was aware of the UGS as my father is a past Chairman of the Fermanagh Grassland Club. This was the only bursary I applied for as it meant I could get involved in something I am interested in. To apply I had to prepare an article on ‘Marketing the UGS to the under 25’s’, and then had a short interview. The title of the article was attractive because I had recently set up a Facebook account for a group and social media is so important to my generation!

How have you used your bursary?

I plan to put it towards my travel to Canada. I’ve also used some of it to complete the DOE car trailer test which will be useful for when I’m working at home.

How have you been involved with the UGS since winning the bursary?

The first event I attended was the annual conference with other students from my course. I then helped out with registrations at the farm walk in June and enjoyed meeting new people at the visit. The farm visits are really useful as each farm is different and the farmers are so willing to share management practices and knowledge. The UGS has set up a Facebook page and I’m encouraging friends to ‘like and share’ it. Through the society I have made a lot of new contacts and it has been great to have been so involved.

The UGS wishes Kerrie a very successful trip to Canada and looks forward to regular updates via it’s website and Facebook page.