UK Farming unions meet Tesco to discuss lamb

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The Ulster Farmers’ Union along with the other UK farming unions have met with retailer Tesco and its processor representatives to discuss the crucial role it has to play in supporting the British lamb sector.

The meeting was held at the NFU headquarters in Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, on Thursday.

Following the meeting there was a mutual agreement among all four farming unions that further support from retailers was necessary to support the lamb sector going forward.

Commenting after the meeting, UFU beef and lamb chairman, Crosby Cleland said: “The meeting involved robust, but useful discussions where all parties agreed that there was a real benefit in continuing conversations to develop greater transparency in the lamb supply chain.

“As a result of this meeting Tesco has confirmed that at the end of February 2016, it will not be selling lamb products in mixed origin packs. The UK unions have welcomed this move as it will allow customers to make an informed decision on the origin of the product that they are buying,” Mr Cleland said.