UK stockjudging final at Clogher

Provita Sponsors of Uk Stock judging Final at Clogher Show pictured with competitors Mark Reid, Joel & Rachel Paynter alongside David Connolly NICC Chairman) and George Shaw (Provita)
Provita Sponsors of Uk Stock judging Final at Clogher Show pictured with competitors Mark Reid, Joel & Rachel Paynter alongside David Connolly NICC Chairman) and George Shaw (Provita)

All roads lead to Clogher on July 31st as the annual show hosts the British Charolais Youth National Stock Judging Final.

Youth sections from across the UK qualified in three age groups with over 60 young people descending to Clogher for this year’s final.

There will be two competitions with the individual and then teams going head to head in pursuit of the top honours

They will judge three classes of pedigree cattle and learn from the master judge and coaches in the craft of stock judging. This is invaluable in the development of any young farmer with the senior representatives giving reasons for their decisions. This gives confidence and helps them in the future in the possible selection of breeding females or that all important Stock Bull.

This is a prestigious event and it is a first for Northern Ireland to host the event. The NI Charolais Club are delighted to be hosting this event alongside Clogher Show.

The club are delighted to have sponsorship from Provita Animal Health.

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For more info FREEPHONE 0800 328 4982. George Shaw, MPharm MPSNI, Technical Adviser,, 07841 926219

Business Development Manager Karla Hedley says: “With the continued success of the Charolais breed across Northern Ireland, we are delighted to support this Charolais showcase and the progression of its youth. We are looking forward to seeing the ongoing progression of the breed and the impact that it has on the local beef industry.”