UK to receive 36.1m of €500 million EU support package

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The UK is to receive 36.1m of the €500 million support package announced to support farmers by the European Commission last week.

Agriculture and Rural Development Commissioner Phil Hogan today presented to EU Agriculture Ministers the details of the €500 million support package announced last week to support European farmers.

“This is a comprehensive, decisive and robust support package. It is a significant statement of support by the Commission for European agriculture. It reflects in a very concrete way the comment of President Juncker in his State of the Union speech last week, when he described himself as a ‘strong supporter of the CAP’,” said the Commissioner.

All 28 Member States will receive substantial aid worth €420 million in total, allocated in a fair, targeted and effective way to address problems in the dairy and pigmeat sectors, while allowing Member States maximum flexibility in targeting the aid.

Other measures include new Private Storage Aid schemes for dairy and pigmeat and the possibility of advancing direct payments.