UK vegetable manufacturer teaches international students the secrets to success

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Seven agricultural students from the Marshal Papworth Fund Masters programme were given the opportunity last month to learn about large-scale manufacturing processes from one of the UK’s leading carrot and parsnip suppliers, Alan Bartlett & Sons.

The Marshal Papworth Fund provides scholarships to students from developing countries to enable them to study at some of the UK’s first class agricultural institutions. The scholarship also provides students with a unique opportunity to interact with large scale manufacturers where they are able to see the future potential for the agricultural industry in their home countries. The visit to Alan Bartlett & Sons was scheduled as part of the students’ itinerary of activities arranged throughout their year-long programme of studies.

Founded in 1948, Alan Bartlett & Sons remains a family owned company – with Alan and sons Toby and Oliver actively working in the business. Toby Bartlett welcomed the Marshal Papworth Fund students and showed the group around the factory in Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, explaining each stage of the production line from how to grow high quality root vegetables through to packaging and marketing solutions.

Mr Bartlett commented: “It was a fantastic opportunity to help the students develop their understanding of the manufacturing process, explaining how the company oversees every stage from laying the seeds to harvesting, and how the final product reaches the market.

“The students were very interested in learning as much as possible from the visit and it was exciting to hear how they plan to take the knowledge gained and adapt the techniques to improve sustainable agriculture in their communities.”

Tom Arthey, Chairman of the Marshal Papworth Fund, commented: “The students learnt first-hand about developing produce for mass markets and how essential quality control is for agricultural businesses. The group also gained insight into the importance of investing in innovation to ensure the manufacturing process continues to be as streamlined as possible.”

The Marshal Papworth Fund is committed to ending hunger and contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals; by educating individuals and communities, the Fund enables them to become more self-sufficient, reducing food insecurity, improving nutrition and promoting sustainable agriculture.